Bernard Tornay CARTE D’OR_伯納多金黃香檳


Bernard Tornay Carte d'Or

Bernard Tornay Brut CARTE D’OR 伯納多金黃香檳
30% 夏多內  70% 黑皮諾

天才香檳釀酒師路迪胡塔斯(Rudy Hutasse)在來到漢斯區(Reims)成為其岳父伯納多托爾奈首選的釀酒師之前,曾於羅蘭香檳(Laurent Perrier)擔任釀酒師長達十七年。路迪胡塔斯著眼於開發一款獨特卻能年復一年產出的基本款香檳,以為酒廠之基石。他利用每年酒廠中保存的大量陳年優質酒液,釀造出 「伯納多金黃香檳」。所採用的夏多內葡萄與黑皮諾葡萄,皆來自知名的頂級園和一級園(Bouzy, Ambonnay, Trépail, Bisseuil, Tauxières, Les Riceys, Vertus, Mareuil, Epernay)。


Bernard Tornay Brut CARTE D’OR| 30% Chardonnay 70% Pinot Noir

The foam is important and creates a line of bubbles at the top of the wine. The body is golden yellow with a bright aspect. The wine is extremely clear.

The first nose is mature with crusts of bread and brioche notes. In the open air, notes of mocha. At the end, a smell of mirabelle liqueur.

At first in the mouth, it’s full with a light sweetness underlined by a  melted acidity. The mouth is fleshy with a refreshing fruity-acidulous character.

A Champagne for every moment able to satisfy the highest number, both during pre-dinner drinks and in the course of a meal.

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