CELEBRITY’S Champagne_ 邀請你跟我們一起愛上香檳!


CELEBRITY'S & CO. 名人品味團隊

名人品味香檳國際有限公司 (CELEBRITY’S Champagne CO., LTD) 創立於2013年,法國香檳進口商,專營法國小農稀缺香檳,致力於香檳酒文化,推廣品飲香檳愉快氛圍, 精挑細選超優質香檳酒款,期以提供台灣人更多香檳選擇性,增加探索香檳酒世界的樂趣。

CELEBRITY’S Champagne CO., LTD was funded in 2013, which represents only for grower RM champagnes and unique champagne selections., focuses on promoting champagne consuming lifestyle and the joy from champagnes. Selecting good quality RM champagnes increases more choices for the market in Taiwan with expectation to enhance the pleasure while exploring the world of champagne.

名人品味香檳國際創辦人Christophe Kuo堅持精選酒款必須適得其所,品飲香檳時的氣氛更為重要,因此成立 CELEBRITY’S Champagne 香檳品飲會所,坐落在古色古香的大稻埕,由設計師好友游勝忠操刀室內裝潢,以歐式風格、木質為主要基調,點綴古典皮革沙發,品飲香檳時,伴隨優美的爵士樂,別有一番情調。

Christophe Kuo, the funder of CELEBRITY’S Champagne CO., LTD insists that champagnes should be placed in where they feel comfortable. Based on this view, the private tasting chamber was established in Da Dao Cheng, an antique occasional area. You Sheng Zhong, the designer, who was in charge of the interior decorating. Wooden atmosphere, classic leather coach, a glass of champagne surrounded by the jazz music. What an European sentimental moment.


Adhere to business philosophy—“share” and “exchange”, CELEBRITY’S Champagne CO., LTD holds “AfternoonPagne” on Saturday randomly. Friends, who enjoy wine drinking will be invited to taste champagnes in the relax afternoon. Beside of building up the unique drinking culture, we are looking forward to make more people to appreciate the gorgeous, enchanting bubbly golden champagnes.



CELEBRITY’S Champagne is aiming to reach the excellence in everything we are doing for our RM champagne and unique champagne selections. We offer high quality champagnes and outstanding services to every each client we have met.
Our Motto: The real taste of champagne.

To be a premier brand providing great quality RM champagnes and Unique champagne selections in Asia. Creating great champagne experience in minds of publics and developing champagne lifestyle in any aspect. We are also passionate about creating champagne experiences and promoting champagne lifestyle for Asia.

● Innovation

Based on our creativities and out-boxes thinkings, we can always seek new & efficient way to build up business for champagne category.
● Quality / Reliability
We provide the highest standards of quality to our clients. Huge trusts have been generated by what we working on.
● Teamwork

We believe in longterm relationship. Besides, we work independently and efficiently, but for our goals & successes. 
● Global Perspective
With experiences of global dealing and traveling, unique perspective of international business has been developed.
● Professionals
Apart from business experiences and wine knowledge, we are responsible to our business partners with commitment and aiming to drive promising results from events or exhibitions.